Local Mom to Promote Adoption as Mrs. Oklahoma

Tulsa, Okla. – Spring Gray, mom, entrepreneur and adoption advocate, of Tulsa, Okla., was crowned United States of America’s (USOA) Mrs. Oklahoma 2021 November 9th, in Garland Texas. She will go on to compete for the national title in Las Vegas in February 2021.

Gray promoted her platform of helping adoptees battle closed records after successfully meeting her birth mother who lives in Michigan.

“I’ve always been excited to share my adoption story,” Gray said, “but the birth of my son made my story feel more incomplete than ever. I began seeking out my birth family to find medical information and answers.”

Gray is an alumni from Oral Roberts University, and feels that her faith in the Lord helped her in her journey. She and her husband, Aaron, have one son and own several small businesses in Oklahoma and Virginia.

“The challenge of finding my birth family fully equipped my testimony and ignited my desire to empower others on their own adoption journey,” she said.

Through her platform, Chosen Families, Gray partners with Adoptees Connect to run monthly adoption group meetings for other adoptees to come together and talk about the difficulties of not knowing where they come from. An avid volunteer, she is in her 6th year at St. Francis Health Systems, facilitator for Adoptees Connect, a big sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters and a Circle of Red Society member with The American Heart Association. “My dad always raised me to give back to the community. He lead by example with his philanthropic work.”

As USOA Mrs. Oklahoma, Gray plans to advocate for adoption and work with lawmakers to pass legislation enabling adoptees to have unrestricted access to an original birth certificate and medical and mental health records.

The USOA Mrs. Oklahoma pageant is the official preliminary to United States of America’s Mrs. United States of America Pageants are designed to encourage women to strive to achieve their hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations, while making them feel confident and beautiful inside and out. The USOA motto is to "empower women, inspire others and uplift everyone" by focusing on women empowerment, promoting positive self-image and advocating a platform of community service.

Gray is available to emcee events, speak to schools and church organizations across the state, and make appearances.


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